Representative Cases

In 2017, through May, we resolved the following cases (among others):

Miller v. Weber, Livingston County car crash:  $2,000,000 (policy limit was $1,500,000.)

Dubois v. McDaniel, Will County, car crash, $125,000.

Lathrop v. Taeuber v. Schneider, DuPage County, multiple plaintiff car crash $465,000.

Marafatsos v. MTD Products and Walmart, Northern District of Illinois (Federal Court) lawmower amputate toe, (Settlement included confidentiality agreement.)

Gunter v. Smith & Nephew, Inc., and Heartland Regional Medical Center, Williamson County, claim of defective product, (Settlement included confidentiality agreement.)

Smith v. Meszaros, Will County, dog bte $62,500

Between May and July, 2016, we resolved the following cases (among others)

Kobela v. Timmons, Will County, Auto crash:  $225,000

Slip and fall:  $75,000 (This case had been dismissed by the trial court.  We were successful in getting the dismissal reversed in the Appellate Court.)

Auto crash:  $85,000

Auto crash:  $45,000

More representative cases:

Abbott v. Silver Cross (Will County), slip and fall at hospital, soft tissue injuries (Settled for $50,000.)

Allen v. Moulton (Will County), represented pedestrian who was struck by car backing out of driveway.  Injuries were soft tissue neck and back, and fractured shoulder.  No treatment for shoulder.  (Settled for $70,000 with Founders Insurance.)

Alpha v. Sanchez (Cook County), represented bicyclist injured when she was thrown from her bicycle by overhanging shrubbery on a sidewalk.  (Settled for $48,000.)

Apedjinou v. Amlee (DuPage County), auto collision/soft tissue ($53,000.)

Berngen v. Wood (Cook County), represented plaintiff with low back complaints from auto crash, verdict in excess of $50,000 policy limit on $3,400 in medical bills.

Carpintero v. Farmers Insurance (Will County), underinsured motorist claim (Settled for $45,000 in addition to at fault driver’s $20,000 policy.)

Castaneto v. Sports Physical Therapy & Rehab (Lake County), represented woman who fell off of Swiss ball during unsupervised therapy session. (Settled $105,000.)

Child bitten by dog (Will County), represented minor (Settled case for $60,000.)

Chronister v. Achampion (Cook County), Represented plaintiff injured in car crash requiring back surgery. (Settled for $175,000.)

Davies v. Romeoville (Will County), represented plaintiff injured when struck by police car driving without its headlights, verdict of $29,668 (reduced from $37,000 for plaintiff’s contributory negligence), medical bills of $10,000, no settlement offer

Represented estates of two people killed when they drove into a washed out culvert. (Settlement for $450,000.)

Delawder v. Monaco (Dupage County), represented minor plaintiff struck by defendant’s vehicle while crossing street. (Settled for $100,000 policy limit.)

Goodwyn v. Bayer (Southern District of Illinois), product liability case (Settled for $212,393.16.)

Harrington v. Allstate Insurance (Cook County) underinsured motorist claim (Settled for $45,000 in addition to $20,000 from at fault driver’s policy.)

Represented nursing home patient who suffered femur fracture when dropped by staff. (Settled for $190,000.)

Represented 8 month pregnant woman who lost her baby due to medical negligence. (Settled for $450,000.)

Represented client who lost a claim when former attorney failed to timely present the claim.  (Settled for $192,500.)

Represented client who developed mesothelioma from asbestos exposure.  (Settlements in excess of $1,900,000.)

King v. Meijer (Norther District of Illinois), represented client who slipped and fell on water leaking from a cooler in deli department.  ($80,000.)

Lamb v. Johnson (Cook County), represented plaintiff passenger in a truck struck by another truck, soft tissue complaints. (Settled for $70,000.)

Nickel v. Ameriprise Insurance (Winnebago County), represented plaintiff injured in auto case with uninsured driver.  (Award was $40,000.)

Nugent v. Pasek and Schneider National Carriers (Kankakee County), represented minor struck by truck when crossing street. (Settled for $49,750.)

Plambeck v. Talaga (Will County) auto collision/soft tissue (Settled $42,500.)

Rakowski v. Oddo (DuPage County), represented German national injured in auto crash. (Settled for $115,000.)

Rau v. Achempong (DuPage County), auto collision/soft tissue aggravation of pre-existing condition (Settled for $40,000.)

Represented plaintiff who tripped and wrenched her back in a “big box store” due to product left in aisle. (Settled for $550,000.)

Roose v. Mitrenga (DuPage County), represented plaintiff in auto crash.  (Settled for $30,000.)

Rosetti v. Hostert (Will County), represented plaintiff injured in auto crash. (Settled for $90,000.)

Seabron v. State Farm Insurance (Will County), represented plaintiff injured in auto crash with uninsured driver.  (Settled for policy limit of $100,000.)

Seck v. Wiltgen (DuPage County), represented plaintiff injured in auto crash.  (Settled for $45,000.)

Selsor v. Majkowski and Lee Jensen Sales (Cook county), represented plaintiff injured in auto crash.  Following ankle/foot injury, plaintiff developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  (Settled for $1,750,000.)

Smith v. Fox River Foods (Will County), represented plaintiff whose car was struck by defendant’s truck. (Settled $340,000.)

Thurman v. Kerns (Knox County), represented plaintiff injured in auto crash.  (Settled for policy limit of $20,000 from other driver, and $30,000 underinsured motorist coverage versus American Standard Insurance.)

Tilton v. Holmes (Will County), represented plaintiff injured in auto crash. (Settled for $37,000.)

Uccardi v. Joliet and Plainfield Unit School District 202 (Will County), represented plaintiff who fell in whole on defendants’ property.  (Settlement included confidentiality agreement.)

Wastak v. Dole (Grundy County), represented pedestrian struck by auto exiting a gas station.  (Settled for $40,000.)

Weck v. Choate (Will County), represented plaintiff injured in auto crash. (Settled for $80,000.)

Weiffenbach v. Taser (Will County), represented police officer injured in altercation with suspect when a piece of his police equipment failed. (Settlement included confidentiality agreement.)